Our pursuit was to fuse form and function in office chairs. Most lacked ergonomic design and luxury aesthetics, while ergonomic options were often unwieldy. We resolved to transcend these confines, merging ergonomic advancement with captivating aesthetics for superior office seating.

Drawing inspiration from high-end sports car elegance, we opted for carbon fiber, renowned for its lightweight durability and sleek allure. Such materials adorn luxury vehicles like KoenigseggPagani, and Bugatti, lending sophistication to our office chairs.

With the Pullman chair, compromise becomes obsolete. The confluence of form and function, comfort and aesthetics, is our prerogative. Revel in the ultimate amalgamation of ergonomic ingenuity and luxury sportscar finesse – welcome to the Pullman chair.


Then came the challenge to find the perfect German partner to bring our carbon fiber vision to life. With a passion for innovation, engineering, and a love for perfection, we finally found a partner who shared our values and expertise. This partnership allowed us to craft a product that not only met but exceeded our expectations, one that combined ergonomics, quality, and style like never before.

The Pullman chair is a testament to the strength of German engineering and technology. With its carbon fiber design, hand-stitched leather, and the finest materials, it is a true masterpiece of office furniture. Step into the world of luxury, comfort and style with the Pullman chair, where engineering meets design and the result is nothing short of extraordinary.

The Pullman office chair is the epitome of exceptional quality, innovative design, and outstanding functionality

At Fiberseats, we dared to challenge the status quo of traditional office and gaming chairs. Our goal was to bring luxury, innovation, and comfort to a whole new level. After years of research and testing, the Pullman chair was born. A masterpiece crafted from the finest materials, including a full carbon fiber structure, it’s a piece of art that will elevate your home office space to the next level.

Not just a pretty face, the Pullman chair is a true ergonomic marvel. Its full carbon fiber structure is not only lightweight, but it provides unmatched stability and support. From the adjustability of the seat and armrests, to the ergonomic built-in lumbar support, every detail has been considered to provide the utmost comfort during long workdays. We are proud to say that the Pullman chair is not just another chair on the market. It’s a symbol of our passion for innovation, luxury, and comfort.